I often get the questions, “What kind of stretching is okay?” and “What can I do instead of yoga?”

There is certainly nothing wrong with stretching and toning our bodies! It’s actually a really good thing to move our bodies (especially as we get older). Movement helps us to stay fit, maintain health, and helps to prevent injuries.

The problem, of course, is that when these movements are done within the context of a yoga class it activates the dark spiritual realm whether we intend it to or not. Regardless of how yoga makes you feel, it is setting you on a path that will take you further from the Lord. This is documented by yoga gurus, as well as by scientific evidence.

So . . . what to do instead???

In the past, I have recommended good old-fashioned walking and swimming as aerobic alternatives, and traditional stretching as stretching alternatives. But I realize that many people benefit from the guidance and motivation of classes. The problem? I’ve had a hard time finding any classes or programs that aren’t laced with yoga.

So I’ve decided to create one! I am currently working to develop TrueTone Fitness, a 100% non-spiritual alternative to yoga.

No underlying spiritual effects. No pagan roots. Just honest physical exercise.

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