Woman's Relationship with Spirit Guides Turns Sour

After years of studying meditation and communicating with spirits, the demonic forces in Jessica's life fought back when she turned her attention to Jesus Christ. Watch or read more of Jessica's testimony here: http://share.cbn.com/60kil

Posted by The 700 Club on Friday, July 6, 2018

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I studied at an ashram in India & lived at a Buddhist Center in Berkeley. I was a certified yoga instructor & master level reiki practitioner when the lens through which I viewed the world was shattered in a moment with a profound experience that revealed to me the dark spiritual reality behind these practices.

It is now my goal to share the truth behind these exercises & practices.

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“The Shattering, An Encounter With Truth, is the incredible true story of how the Lord pulled me out of darkness and into light. Written specifically to reach those who are currently involved in New Age practices and to equip Christians to better understand New Age traps that may be unknowingly creeping into their lives.”

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