Letter to School Administrators Explaining Yoga and Mindfulness Objections

Ever want to let your school district administrators or your children’s teachers know why you don’t want yoga and/or mindfulness meditation in your schools, but have a hard time putting it into words? I hear you.

Check out the printable document below I created for you. It’s a short, concise letter outlining the major issues with yoga and mindfulness. You can easily edit it if you would like to address it to specific people or to alter it to fit your personal scenario.

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Please print it. Take it to your children’s teachers or administrators. Copy and paste the above link and send it to your friends and ask them to do the same.

Even if you don’t have children in the school district (or at all!), your opinion about this matters! Edit the document as necessary and send it to all your surrounding school district teachers, administrators, and decision makers!

And join me in praying that the Lord does a mighty work of opening eyes as this letter goes out! Let’s ask that He totally foils what the enemy intends for evil and turns it into a mass advancement of His Holy kingdom! Let’s pray this stuff is nowhere in our schools anymore.

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